Sandals for Men, Women and Kids


My hubby and I are world’s apart when it comes to choosing footwear. I love to go for fashion and the look. He, on the other hand, prefers comfort and fit. He does not care what they look like as long as they are comfortable to wear. He is currently looking for men’s sandals because the ones that he bought before we took a trip to the Philippines last year are already falling apart. He made good use of them though because they were the only pair of sandals he brought when we were on an extended vacation. They are also the only pair of sandals he has at the moment. I will have him look at Reef mens sandals. He is size 14 so hopefully he will find something that fits his needs.

After my previous trip to the Philippines, I learned a lesson. I wish I had paid more attention to his emphasis on comfort. My feet were swollen and sore after the long and delayed flight over there. I should have listened to my hubby before I left and bought myself a nice pair of comfortable shoes. When I came home from that trip, I immediately bought a very comfortable pair of shoes that I will be wearing on my next long trip.

 photo reef_zps923a9298.jpgComfy and Attractive Sandals

I still haven’t given up on my preference for style but it only makes sense to try to get the best from both sides of the style versus comfort coin. These Reef Autumn Star boots could be the epitome of both style and comfort to get me through the cold season here in northern Minnesota. They look very stylish and comfortable while keeping my feet nice and toasty warm. Despite the fact that it is supposed to be the spring season here up north, it can still get chilly this time of year. In fact, there was new snow on the ground this morning when I woke up. The Reef Autumn Star boots are the perfect boots for someone like me who lives in a cold area like northern Minnesota.

Both my hubby and I are currently in the market for comfortable sandals. We have not started our summer footwear shopping yet but we soon will. We are looking for places we can find good deals on comfy and attractive sandals. These Reef Phoenix sandals look very comfortable because of the soft jersey lining and rubber outsole. You should check out Reef if you and your family are shopping for sandals, shoes, apparel or other accessories. They have something for everyone in the family.

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My New Prescription Sunglasses


I am a thrifty shopper. I usually look for discounted or inexpensive stuff but always look for value. The first time I heard about inexpensive yet stylish eyeglasses at Zenni, I thought it was too good to be true. I did not try shopping at their site until a couple of years ago but I did a lot of window shopping there regularly. I told my hubby about what I found at their website and he told me to give them a try. I tried and the first pair that I bought was a 2360 plastic full-rim frame, the one that I have on in the picture above. It is a prescription sunglasses and I paid only $17.90 including shipping & handling.

I will be shopping for more prescription sunglasses and regular eyeglasses at Zenni soon. I am 100% satisfied with their product. They went far beyond my expectations. As a matter of fact, they are much better than the prescription sunglasses that I bought at a nearby store for more than 5X the price.

 photo DSC_0024_zpse50913c1.jpg

My prescription from the Philippines was incomplete. It did not include the distance between my pupils. Zenni gave clear and concise directions and my hubby did the measurement for me. As you can see in the picture, it seemed that my hubby got it right.  I recommend Zenni Optical to everyone who needs eyeglasses. As a matter of fact, I have already mentioned Zenni to my sister in-law.

Last week, I received my third prescription sunglasses that I have ordered from Zenni.  These sunglasses are 1.50 polarized single vision with 80% gray tint for only $39.94.  These are part of their spring season collection.

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Look Good Feel Good

External looks have been the gauge of beauty since time immemorial. Concerned individuals have been encouraging the public to change this cruel, soul-crushing mentality wherein women are mostly the victims. But reality bites, the society dictates. Inappropriate as it may seem, the reality remains. Females across the world both young and old have low self-esteem; women who are scared to assert themselves; women who remain hidden in the cloak of doubt and diffidence. As the saying goes, if you cannot beat them, join them. Step out from this bondage.

Here are few suggestions:

1. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself “I am beautiful. I am beautiful.” When insecurities begins to creep through you, put a stop to it. Affirm and re-affirm “I am beautiful.” What the mind perceives, the body manifests.

2. Eat a balance diet. Nutrients from real food are the only true thing that can make our body vibrant and healthy.

3. Drink plenty of water. It will keep the skin hydrated.

4. Exercise your way to a shapely body. It helps in the proper circulation of blood, consequently making your skin glow, lips red, mind alert, and heighten the sexual libido.

5. Treat yourself. Buy yourself the sexiest Best Bra and Best Body Shaper in the market. Get a new haircut, go to a spa or massage shop. These will make you feel good about yourself.

What are your personal practices to make yourself feel and look good?

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Chef Uniforms

3 x Long Sleeve Chefs JacketsContainer vans may look boring to you but some modifications can transform these into a fully functional home! Of course, not too many people would love the idea of a container van as home but you could always have one container van modified to suit your needs.

A simple container van can easily transform into a home office or a storage unit for your stuff. The units can also be fitted with air conditioning or heating systems to keep you comfortable. You’ll never have to feel claustrophobic in such a small space because some portions can be knocked out to make room for large windows and doors.

You’ll find plenty of containers for sale, with options for you to customize the design to suit your needs. Shelves can be added so you could easily organize your stuff.

The possibilities are actually endless because you could always stack the container vans up to several heights so you could add more space into your home. Of course, you might want to check with local authorities for laws governing the use of these units, especially if you are planning to have at least 2 in your home.

Now, if you are planning to buy equipment for your kitchen, whether for your home or restaurant, you could find great options available at This is a great place to shop for heavy duty equipment that could withstand heavy use, even on a day to day basis.

Long Sleeve Chefs Jacket and Drawstring Chefs PantsA wide range of items are available, ensuring that you can furnish your entire restaurant without having to look for other items in another store. Isn’t’ that just great for your convenience? Linens and furniture are also available.

The store also features disposable items, tableware, dishwashing equipment, and various cooking equipment. There are also items for cash registers as well as signages to make your restaurant livelier. Of course, you could always add signages to your kitchen and dining room just for fun.

Check out the Caravans for Sale for you to have an idea what to buy for your family. These recreational vehicles make a great buy especially for adventure lovers and those who enjoy the outdoors. Spacious caravans come equipped with everything you need for a comfortable trip.

There are also upgraded motor homes which come with better quality furnishings and more space so you can have a more enjoyable stay no matter how long you are planning to be camping out in your caravan.

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Shopping Toys Nowadays

 photo cin_zpsa9794067.jpgIt was just then lately that I and my boyfriend gone shopping for toys for my little sister and his nephew. We had a hard time really to choose what toys suit the two. We’ve gone to several toy stores like Toy Kingdom but surprisingly, of the number of toys there, we still could not decide what to buy.

On the other hand, I was personally dismayed to know that despite the fact that it’s Christmas, toy stores didn’t have some good deals to their shoppers. Neither discounts nor freebies were offered considering that Christmas was a long awaited time for children. Also, we were surprised how the toys now became so much of a technology-driven that was far different during our times when we were the ones who made toys to life. Amazed by these innovations, our selection of toys had even taken longer. In addition, this amusement had even puzzled as what to buy and upon looking at their prices, we were frozen to see how a single toy was now of similar value as a flatscreen LED TV. Then, we sighed that this was an impractical joke. However, we really had to choose which toy is best for the two, and you know what, we had settled into something educational and associative than those technological which would only make children sedentary and withdrawn. I am not suggesting that this was the best choice for toys but for our situation now, we must consider always the value that we uphold as adults and not to become blinded by our desire to be trendy.

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Fairy-tale Wedding Venues


The stunning beaches and fantastic resorts in South Florida make it a great place for weddings and special moments in life. The region is teeming with both indoor and outdoor venues for magical weddings, no matter what theme or motif you are planning to have for your big day. There simply are tons of superb wedding reception venues to choose from across many cities in the area.

Resorts hugging the coastline of South Florida are among the most popular choices for couples who want to get married on the beach. After all, the blue ocean and the powdery sand surely make a fantastic backdrop to a fairy-tale wedding.

For weddings in Boca Raton, couples can choose from a wide range of simple venues to grand ballrooms in luxury hotels. Although many prefer outdoor venues for their versatility, many still want to tie the knot and have the reception indoors to keep away from unexpected problems such as bad weather conditions which could easily ruin the event.

Those who are planning to get wed in South Florida don’t have to worry about planning the wedding from several miles away because many wedding venues also offer the services of a wedding planner. Of course, the couple could also find an independent wedding planner to arrange their wedding in any of the cities in the region.

Magical Setting for Fairy Tale Weddings

The Club at Boca Pointe is considered to be among the finest venues for boca pointe weddings and receptions, featuring a plethora of options to choose from. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, with its versatile venues great for small or large affairs.

The lush grounds of the resort easily transform into a magical setting for fairy tale weddings, with couples able to request for tents to be set up to keep everyone sheltered from the sun or rain. There are also spacious banquet rooms and a newly remodeled main dining room which also make a great venue for special events and fantastic weddings.

Truly, the resort is a wonderful choice for dream vacations and perfect weddings. Remember, such an illustrious event will be captured in photos, preserving the fantastic moments for you to enjoy reminiscing for the rest of your lives. You would surely want everything to be as perfect as possible, right? By choosing the perfect venue, you are already halfway there.

Work with the wedding professionals at the resort and create the perfect wedding – with the perfect cake, perfect music, perfect ambiance, perfect flowers, perfect food, perfect setting, perfect everything!

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From & Ebay Get $25 Fashions

BNWT SASS & BIDE 'fall far' printed large scarf silk tassels ivory orangeDon’t waste your money on an expensive wardrobe update with costly clothes. Instead, save your cash so that you can go on a nice date with your significant other. The good news is that you don’t need to compromise your looks! There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to look fabulous and save money. This year, you can get the latest fashion favorites from eBay for $25 or less. Here are some ideas on how to dress up on a budget that won’t leave you stressing about the numbers on your bank statement. Then click here for more reviews.


You can find many different dress styles on eBay for very low prices. It is always nice to get something special, or a different style of dress than you usually wear (wrap dresses are always pretty), a color you haven’t tried in a while (emerald green is gorgeous and very in), even a new dress length. But you shouldn’t have to skimp on your next date because of this. From long, elegant, and sophisticated to short, flirty, and charming, you can always find the perfect dresses for you on eBay. One great idea is to pair a bold-colored or animal-print dress (grr!) with a black cardigan and some nice earrings for a gorgeous look. It works for women of all shapes and sizes. If the dress is short, consider wearing boots so you can keep your legs warm. If you’re attending a more formal event, choose a long gown. This will have both a lengthening and slimming effect, so you will look stunning from your head to your toes.


HUE Merino Wool Deep Red Mid Length Socks, One SizeAlthough they aren’t as big and bold as dresses, the right socks can be a perfect touch if you are going for a cozy and cuddly look (movie night on the couch, anyone?) Get matching socks for you and your partner for an extra touch of romance (okay, so you guys might feel a little goofy, but isn’t that what being in love is about?) You can even consider getting your socks custom-made and personalized to make them extra special. Instead of classic socks, you can also purchase them in your partner’s favorite color or designs. This is a great way to show your guy that you were thinking about him and that you care enough to remember his favorite things. Awww!


Since the climate is chilly in many areas (like ours!) these days, you may not be able to wear the frilly dress you imagined or the lightweight shirt you thought would be perfect. (Brrr, forget it!) But that doesn’t mean you can’t still look trendy and chic. Stay warm this year with a beautiful sweater. A shamelessly girly red or pink cardigan will look perfect paired with any dark-colored dress or skirt.

Sometimes ordering online can actually make the cost of your new things much higher than it would be if you bought them in a store at the mall. Why? Well, it’s because of those darn added shipping charges. That’s a bummer—but don’t let it worry you. With, you can keep your total below $25—shipping included! With free shipping options that allow you to order from and save, you can create the perfect look for yourself without breaking the bank. Learn more about free shipping here. Now go spend your money on the person you love, and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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